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Wednesday, December 24, 2008


When I had my regular blood test the result showed an elevated triglyceride level high above the normal line. I wasn't fully aware of the disaster I would be into if I didn't have the problem controlled. I went on with my daily routines as usual almost forgetting the talks that I had with the doctor.

But my husband was more concern. He browsed through the net about triglyceride (the word that I didn't even know existed) and brought home some of the articles that he came across. I read about it and suddenly it struck my head that it was not something to fool about.

Triglycerides are a type of fat, or lipid, that accounts for the majority of fat in our diets. Triglycerides are important because they provide the body the energy it needs to function on a daily basis. If you have an excess of triglycerides in the body, they will be stored as fat. Having high triglyceride levels may place you at risk for coronary heart disease.

And that was it. I had to do something about it. I had to seriously do something if I wanted to get myself out of this messy situation. The word 'coronary heart disease' did sparks the changes in my dietry and lifestyle.

My husband ordered a book on triglyceride. A book full of explanations on hows and whys. A book that gave very clear ideas on how to combat the problem. With some modifications, the recipes that were included in the book were not too much a hustle. But the book did warn me that if I followed the diet strictly, I would reduce my body weight a few pounds.

I did what the book told me to do and I had my husband went along with me voluntarily. That was in June 2007.

The very first thing that had to be changed was my diet.

I had to reduce intake of foods high in sugar. No fruit juice, regular sodas, other sweetened beverages, sweetened yogurt, cookies, desserts, candy, sugar, cakes, chocolates, tea, coffee and other food rich in sugar. Fruit intake was limited to two or three servings per day. One serving of fruit is a medium piece of fresh fruit (e.g. one apple)

I had to cut back on portions of starches (also called complex carbohydrates) such as rice, potatoes, pasta and bread. I consumed whole grains (whole wheat bread, brown rice, oatmeal ) in moderation. I didn't take white rice for months and if I were to take brown rice I took it for twice a week only. A part from that I increased my intake of “non-starchy” vegetables (e.g. broccoli, spinach, green beans).

I consumed a diet low in saturated fat and low in trans fat. This was done by reducing intake of high fat dairy products (e.g. cheese, ice cream), high fat meats, most baked goods and pastries. To limit trans fat, I avoided French fries, doughnuts and deep fried chicken.

Whoala.. what was left then for me to eat. For breakfast I ate half boiled eggs or bull's eyes, vegetables and a glass of fresh milk. I had an apple for my snack. I drank plenty of water. For lunch I had a bowl of soup (usually fish) and vegetables or bean curd and tempe with vege. The book told me to limit myself on carrot because carrots contain a lot of sugar. If I felt hungry, I munched on peanuts. I took my dinner before seven and my dinner was no difference from my lunch. I took chicken every two or three days and I didn't take red meat. If I were to take fried food I would use extra virgin olive oil. Remember! No white rice.

It was difficult at first. But as the clock ticked by, and the stomach got accustomed with the changes, it gave the signal to the brain that changes was not that difficult after all. I got through the diet. Thanks to my husband for joining all the way. O yea, we did some jogging too.

Six months after my strict diet, I went for blood test again and I DID it. My triglycerides was way below the border line. And I had my weight reduced too: by ten kilograms.
Whenever I met with my friends they had this curious questions " Kenapa kurus ni. Sakit ke". Do I have to be sick to be slim?

Now after one and a half years, I still follow my diets. But I take coffee or tea once a day, usually during breakfast. I eat chocolate or icecream or cakes whenever I crave for them and usually I limit the intake once a month. I eat rice twice or thrice a week. I succeed not only in lowering by triglycerides but also controlling my hypertensions.


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