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Thursday, May 2, 2013


Seems ages since I last wrote. Well.. what do you expect. Life has been going a bit crazy lately, filled with some unexpected events together with the expected ones. The upcoming days are even crazier. Really need boosters to boost up my energy from head to toes.

The trip to Bangkok was not well planned. In fact wasn't planned at all. It was an overnight decision and  everything was done in sloppy ways. We didn't foresee what was coming our ways and true enough, we were trapped in songkran festival the minute we were dropped by the roadside. No way the taxi could drive us to the front door of our hotel because the road leading to the hotel was filled up with thousands of people. We didn't have the slightest ideas that it was very very bad to stay in Silom area during songkran festival. After all, Songkran was not even in our dictionary not until that very night.

As we lead our ways in uncertainty to the where-about of our hotel, we were sprinted with water-guns and sometimes flushed over with cold water. It was drizzling at that time, shoes and clothes were almost soaking wet. Imagine the situation at that time with us dragging along our luggage, squeezing ourselves among the thais and at the same time trying to avoid water splashes. OMG.. so many things going by in my head. What if we cannot find the hotel. What if the direction that we blindly took was not the direction to the hotel after all.  What if I unexpectedly blackout and fell on the pavement with all those people stamping their feet on me. Oh.. I didn't dare to  think about it.

 the picture was taken here

We stopped asking for directions now and then.  Alhamdulillah, we found it at last. At the lobby we learnt about the water festival and there was another night to go but this time around we would be fully prepared. It was quite an experience, something that you usually hard to find at home.  Something that you were looking for when you travel somewhere in the world. It's what traveling is all about, right?  To pick up new things and stack them up in the wardrobe of your life.

That's all for today.
I will share my train ride experience to Wang Pho, the death railway station next time around... whenever that is.



:: Mrs.Eady :: said...

wahhh best nyer!

Hjh Noralenna Abbas said...

Wow hajah!What a surprise to an unplanned trip. Yes, it's a treasure to be remembered. Have a nice weekend, hajah.

JunAina said...

Kak Pah biasanya unplanned tu akan jadi kenangan paling best.

Kakzakie said...

Goodness Kakpah!! If children may happy and enjoy with the water splashing here and there... Kakak imagine how Kakpah with the luggage walked through the 'rain' and crowd people hihi... pengsan!!

Zaitun said...

Hehe...basah kuyuplah agaknya ya kakpah...

Anak saya selalu mengajak untuk ke Bangkok tapi saya tak berminat mungkin dah dengar cerita kakpah rasa teringin.

AzeedA said...

Noice! can't wait for next episode ;)

ibundo said...

Mrs ady, glad u like it

Kak nora, thanks

Jun, memang kenangan pun jun..

kak zakie, hampir hampir fengsan..

zaitun, heaven for shoppers too.

azeeda, well.. whenever that is haha

mama_sal said...

lama x jenguk..wah k pah dah sampai bangkok!bestt!

BUNDA a.k.a KN said...


salam ukhuwah dan salam kenal dari bunda...

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